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From Ludum Dare #35:
With Chexshift, I tried to make a chaotic chess game. With random phases throughout the game, it's kind of a luck based chess game. With absolutely no special effects or such. Because I am a total newbie!

With each phase, one type of piece on the whole board, morphs. Evolves into something else, something more powerful. Like a Giant or an Alien!

I have included a little info box in-game so that you don't have to figure out that Rook...I mean Giants now explode after the phase change :) How good of a developer I am! Also, Devil's Pawn is a pun. You see it's like devil spaw... Okay moving on!

Keep in mind that this is a compo game and I have done everything by myself. Except for the font, that's made by codeman38... And the game-icons.net helped with the phase icons because... I suck. And sounds are made by bfxr... Anyway, back to the game!

This was my second ludum dare and I feel like I am getting better at being sleepy and not doing anything that's worth the time :)

Thanks for playing!

PS: If the gif doesn't animate: http://gph.is/1SfhCjW
PPS: I'm going to get some sleep and regret what I wrote here after few hours later.
PPPS: There could be tons of bugs, since the essential hours that I spent my time on this was the logic and I am too tired to spend more time on it so, I'm sorry guys :) I tried my best this time though!

Edit: Yes, there is no check in this game since it is kind of a different and chaotic version of chess. If you can kill the king, you will win. No check or mate. (OFC it was intentional you shut up :P)

Install instructions

Unzip the .zip file and you should be able to run the game.


chexshift_osx.zip 4 MB
chexshift_linux.zip 70 kB
chexshift_win.zip 3 MB

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