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In our everyday lives, we all have friends, work, belongings... But what about our house? What if our room, was always "there". As a being. I wanted to see a teen's life in the perspective of a room, but of course, as always, I couldn't make enough content for a ludum dare project. This game needed a lot of content to be more impactful, but only ended up being a prototype.

Whenever I want to make an emotional, atmospheric game, I end up making something that's not even a "game". So, I'm not so proud of this one. Still, wouldn't mind getting some feedback on how to make a better atmospheric game.

Oh and by the way, controls are simple.

Up Arrow - Speeds Time

Right Arrow - YES

Left Arrow - NO

Used aseprite for graphics, fl studio for music and Löve2D as the framework. Also used shine library for shader effects. Should work on Linux since it's made with Löve2D. Thanks for playing.

Oh and thanks to codeman38 (again) for the free font. Whenever I use a free font, I use one of his :)


The Room - LudumDare37 2 MB
Source Code (Messy) 387 kB

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